At Lash Dolls Milwaukee we believe in providing interactive, hands-on, top-notch training.

We bring you the best!  What does that mean for you??  Lash Dolls Educators are Certified to teach through the National Association of Lash Artists.  This means that our Educators have had superior training in Lash Artistry.  In short - we have been trained  to the highest standards by NALA which is recognized Globally!  In addition, our Educators have a combined experience of 15 years of lash artistry and over 10 years of training/learning and development experience.

We pride ourselves in offering the best education to our students.  We have been trained to understand all of the different types of learning and how to accommodate our students, so we can reach every student in a unique way.

After our course you will receive ongoing support for LIFE!

You will also  be invited to join our "Graduates Only" Facebook Group where we share marketing and business building strategies, talk about new techniques and products and offer free continuing education workshops to all of our graduates!  

*After completing the course, you will receive a Wisconsin Certificate of Completion in Classic Lash Extension Application


Our Courses

Classic and Volume Lash Extension Training and Certification at Lash Dolls Milwaukee


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Classic Eyelash Extension Training and Certification Classes at Lash Dolls Milwaukee


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*payment plans available 

Refresher Lash Extension Training and Certification Courses at Lash Dolls Milwaukee


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Lash Lift Training and Certification Lash Dolls Milwaukee


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"I took the Lash Doll's certification course with Rebecca and Noel. They were welcoming, encouraging and very supportive with each of our goals in taking the course. Since the course is only one day, they encouraged us to keep in touch with them for continuing support. They were very professional and I was very impressed with their instructions. In addition their experience in the lashing industry, their combined prior experience in training, marketing, and social media was very helpful and I think gives them an edge over other lashing courses. I would highly recommend Noel and Rebecca to anyone who is either looking to become certified or for services."