Meet Dani

Lash Artist + Photographer

Dani has been the 'face' of Lash Dolls Milwaukee since the very beginning.

From long-time-loyal-client to a freaking awesome Lash Artist!

She's learned from the best and has trained & worked side by side with both our Founder and our Training Director.  

She takes pride in her work and continues to excel in her lashing techniques and when she isn't lashing, you may see her around taking  photos and working her magic!

Dani is the 'girl next door' that everyone wants to be friends with - and when you leave her chair you'll not only leave with killer lashes but with a new girlfriend!

*Dani is a Certifed Lash Artist - specializing in Classic, Hybrid and Volume Lash Extensions

*She is also the face of Lash Dolls Milwaukee and a talented photographer

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