Introducing our Mens Lash Extensions


C'mon fellas! Lash Extensions ARE NOT just for the ladies!

If you thought lash extensions were just for the ladies, think again!

We are proud to be one of the first lash salons in Southeastern Wisconsin to offer these services.  All of our Lash Artists are thoroughly trained in the application and styling of mens lashes. 


Very Natural Appearance

Our cashmere lash extensions are feather-light, soft and virtually undetectable.  The curl and thickness(es) used for our mens lashes are unlike any other.   They are oh-so natural and are matched perfectly with your natural lashes.  


Immeasurable Confidence

Whether you are aiming to maintain a more powerful and meaningful eye contact with that special someone, or holding that authoritative gaze in an important business meeting we know that our Lash Dolls cashmere lash extensions will give you the added edge over the competition.