Meet Rebecca

Founder + CEO

"I created Lash Dolls Milwaukee because I believe that the ‘every day’ woman should be able to look her best without having to pay a fortune.

I take time with each of my clients to educate them on the lash application process as well as proper aftercare.

My goals are to make a strong and friendly connection with every individual that I come in contact with, to enhance my guests experience and natural beauty, and to make my clients feel at home and comfortable.

During your appointment, you’ll relax in a private suite, enjoy the aroma of lavender and chamomile and listen to a playlist of your choice.

Lash Dolls Milwaukee is located inside Hazel Hair Salon in the heart of Hales Corners, WI.

From the moment you walk into the door – you have walked into my home."

*Rebecca is a Triple Certifed Master Lash Artist - specializing in Classic, Hybrid, Volume and Russian Volume Lash Extensions

*She is also our Lead Educator in our Lash Extension Certification Classes. 

Creative Director and Product Developer.

About Us

Meet Noel


Certified Lash Artist & Training Director

Noel is not just a talented Lash Artist that strives for perfection - but he is our Training Director and runs and facilitates all of our training classes.

When it comes to lashing - Noel takes ZERO short cuts! 

He takes his time with each and every client; thoroughly educates them on the process, lash styles, what to expect durning the appointment and aftercare. 

When his clients leave they not only look like 'a million bucks' but they feel like it too!

When it comes to training - Noel exceeds expectations!

He has over 8 years of Corporate Training | Learning & Development experience.  

He takes our Lash Extension Certification Classes to the NEXT LEVEL - by combining interactive training with hands on training.  You will not only have a blast being in one of his classes - you will leave feeling confident and ready to use your skills and start your career in Lash Artistry.

*Noel is a Certified Lash Artist - specializing in Classic, Hybrid and Volume Lash Extensions. He is the face behind our Certification Classes.  He is also are Creative Director and Designer

Meet Dani


Certified Lash Artist & Photographer

Dani has been the 'face' of Lash Dolls Milwaukee since the very beginning.

From long-time-loyal-client to a freaking awesome Lash Artist!

She's learned from the best and has trained & worked side by side with both our Founder and our Training Director.  

She takes pride in her work and continues to excel in her lashing techniques and when she isn't lashing, you may see her around taking  photos and working her magic!

Dani is the 'girl next door' that everyone wants to be friends with - and when you leave her chair you'll not only leave with killer lashes but with a new girlfriend!

*Dani is a Certifed Lash Artist - specializing in Classic, Hybrid and Volume Lash Extensions

*She is also the face of Lash Dolls Milwaukee and a talented photographer