To give the best - we must be the best!

We are a group of trained professionals dedicated to providing each and every one of our clients with "incredible, outstanding and unbelievable service." In short, we are "service obsessed” and each member of our Lash Dolls Team is a vital link in our clients experience.

At Lash Dolls we believe in standing apart from the rest, providing exceptional services, using only the best quality of products, continuing our education, and treating our clients like royalty!  We go above and beyond for our clients and this is why we are rated #1 in the Greater and Metro Milwaukee area.  

Our goals are to continue to evolve as lash artists and as a lash studio and to empower women through feeling confident.

Our success is strengthened by our employees' commitment to growth and continued excellence in our daily jobs. 


Lash Extension Services

At Lash Dolls Milwaukee we stand apart and only offer the BEST quality of products.  We have developed and use our own product line and are the only lash studio in the Metro and Greater Milwaukee area that offers and uses Cashmere Lash Extensions!


Certification Courses

Are you thinking of becoming a Certified Lash Extension Technician?  

Come train with the best and become successful in an industry that is booming!



We take pride in aftercare, so we spent 10 months developing an aftercare cleanser that not only was Cruelty Free, Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Paraben Free and Sulfate Free - but one that was non-burning and that would actually extend the life of your lash extensions all while promoting growth!

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iHeart Radio

The Lash Professional

The Lash Professional

Woman Crushing it - interview / podcast with 106.1.

Listen to our interview with Shanna , Music Director over at  iHeart Radio FM106.1 - where our Owner, Rebecca talks about her journey to becoming Wisconsin's #1 Luxury Lash Studio, her future plans and a surprise lash artist that's in the family!

The Lash Professional

The Lash Professional

The Lash Professional

Listed as one of the top 10 Lash Studios in Milwaukee.

Mandel Group

Life-Styled by Jen

Life-Styled by Jen

Listed as a place to visit in Milwaukee Southwest Suburbs.  

Life-Styled by Jen

Life-Styled by Jen

Life-Styled by Jen

A Milwaukee blogger, influencer and fashionista writes about her experience with Lash Dolls Milwaukee.